Playing by the rules

Playing by the rules

Can you imagine playing a game without any rules? How could you get through a football match without a referee? Try playing basketball without any sidelines! What would happen if every player made up their own rules during the game?

Rules to give us the winning edge

Any game played without rules leads to chaos. In order to win in life, we need to know the rules too. The rulebook for life is the Bible – the top-selling book of
all time. But this book is often misunderstood or completely overlooked.

Lots of people think God’s rules are a long list of «Dos and Don’ts» – with a lot more «Don’ts». But in fact, God’s rules grow out of His love for us and are always meant to help us. Think about a hockey player who has to wear a helmet for protection. God’s rules for living is summarized in Mark 12,30-31 (see previous page).

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