The right mental attitude

Sometimes a sprinter starts well – the gun goes off and the runner leaves the starting block with lightning speed! But after fifty or sixty meters those speedy legs get heavy and the runner lags behind without enough strength to win the race. God knows that we cannot win the «Game of Life» on our own. He gives everyone who entrusts their life to Him a special helper, the Holy Spirit. He is our invisible coach, the inner voice that encourages and helps us play the «Game of
Life» in the right way.

A good team

No matter whether you’re a team-player or an individual athlete, no one becomes a champion on their own; there is always a team to help. Being a team-player with Jesus is an important principle and getting involved with other like-minded «teammates» is key to winning the «Game of Life». Spend time with other people who share your faith and will be a part of your life. This is the best way to both give and receive support and encouragement. There is a list of contact addresses at the end of this brochure. These people can help you get in touch with other Christians who also want to play the «Game of Life» according to God’s rules.

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