Victory and defeat

Victory and defeat

Life doesn’t always turn out as we expected. Victory and defeat are often very close together. Still, we know that God is always with us.

Reaching the finish line together

In the semi-final of the 400m competition during the Barcelona Olympics in 1992, British runner Derek Redmond, who was in a promising position among the race leaders, tripped and fell about 100 meters before the finish line. In obvious pain, Redmond struggled to get back on his feet and finish the race, even if he could only hope to finish last. He was hardly able to continue.

Suddenly, a man leaped from the stands onto the track, breaking through all security barriers and heading toward the fallen athlete. With great care he helped the injured runner to his feet, putting his arms around his shoulders to support him. Millions of  people around the world watched as this father and son team crossed the finish line together, encouraged each step of the way by roaring applause from the stadium crowd. These men were the true champions that day in the eyes of all who saw them.

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